● What is the collagen supplement that really works?

● What is the collagen supplement that really works?

Quite often, I receive emails like this:

“Okyan Mama, Which collagen supplements are you taking to get such radiant skin?”

Well… that’s a secret.

No, I’m just kidding!

Let me introduce you to my favorite collagen supplement:

As you may already know, I’m known as and proud to be a supplement nerd.

Frankly speaking, most collagen supplements only give you vague results. You may ask yourself, “Hmmm, has my skin improved? Maybe… Maybe not…”

Right, you don’t see clear results,
“BUT, everyone says collagen rejuvenates you…”
“BUT, if I stop here, I may age right away (although I’m not confident if collagen is really working) …”
“BUT, I might as well continue on (although it feels kind of silly to keep spending money on something that I don’t even know if it’s working) …

And we go on, with an endless list of “BUT’s”.
I imagine that we are all subconsciously hoping to experience the placebo effect.

The same goes with other supplements, such as vitamin C, calcium, and so on.

We repeatedly try to seek the results we want, while continuing to spend a considerable amount of money on collagen supplements with no clear effect.

Would you like to know how my FOREVER YOUNG journey started? Well, when I looked at the remarkable customer results based on
“the subjective and objective data of the skin elasticity, color, and texture 8 weeks after taking FOREVER YOUNG”,
it convinced me that I should give it a try.
(I have tried many collagen products, including drinks, powder, and tablets)

Let me tell you, this collagen supplement is totally different from all the other countless products that I’ve tried so far.

This is the very first collagen supplement that I truly felt the effect!

Once I started taking this supplement, I immediately noticed a difference in the elasticity and thickness of my skin.

When I say ‘thickness’, it’s not something that is caused by old, dead skin.
It’s ‘thickness with elasticity’.

By increasing the skin elasticity, you can eliminate saggy skin.

Not to mention the transformed impressions of my face,
I also noticed improvements in my buttocks, thighs, and upper arms.

I generally tend to get bored of things easily,
(rather, I stop using something that I can’t see any effect right away)
but I’ve been able to stick to this specific supplement because:





・ the most noticeable effect was an amazing face-lift (subjective comparison);
・ my buttocks have become so smooth (I wish someone could feel my skin! LOL);
・ my upper arms have clearly become tighter; and
・ it contains NO additives
(free from food additives, preservatives, synthetic colors, fragrance, salt, and sugar that are generally loaded in commercial collagen supplements)

First things first, supplements are to make you healthier and more beautiful.
Then, why would you want to intake something that will be of harm to your body?

Before I started FOREVER YOUNG,
I was regularly taking collagen drinks by one of the most renowned manufacturers of this field in Japan.
I would say, I was not dissatisfied with the results.

One thing I noticed with those drinks is, however, that
they sometimes gave me zits even though I was drinking the suggested dose.

Zits are actually common complaints associated with collagen supplements.
With FOREVER YOUNG, I’ve been taking the suggested dose (one tablet each in the morning and at night), but they haven’t caused any zits on my skin.

Manufacturers quite often compete by advertising their products containing this many milligrams of collagen.
You have to remember that ‘the more, the better’ principle doesn’t necessarily apply to collagen.

Too much collagen can cause zits, and for the elder generations, it may even create unpleasant age spots on the skin!

The key is the balance between collagen and other components!

With FOREVER YOUNG, the patented seafood extracts, chondroitin sulfate, and collagen-forming amino acid all work together to supplement and reinforce the production of collagen and elastin within your body.

Another secret ingredient is the sea cucumber!\(◎o◎)/!

Have you heard about sea cucumbers?

Sea cucumbers have been eaten and used for health in the East for the past 5000 years.

They are abundant in glycosaminoglycan (GAG), which is a component of our cartilage.

In addition, sea cucumbers are also rich in zinc, mucopolysaccharides, calcium, iron, and vitamin A.

Another thing to note with supplements in general is that all the good ingredients would be wasted unless they are absorbed in our body.
FOREVER YOUNG has got that covered too!

How? They include hydrolytic enzymes which break down the supplements so they can be easily absorbed.

Hydrolytic enzymes, such as bromelain and papaya enzyme, are naturally derived from fruit.
These enzymes quickly break down the supplement and save our stomach from undesirable burden.

FOREVER YOUNG applies the cold process method, which is different from the commonly used heat process method.
This way, all the nutrients are preserved in each tablet.
All the goodies will be absorbed into your body!

Last but not least… a great bang for the buck!

A collagen drink usually costs about JPY 480.
That means, if you drink one every day, it will cost over JPY 10,000 per month.
(I often see people drinking collagen once in a while, but you need to drink every day to experience any effect.)

On the other hand, FOREVER YOUNG costs JPY 5,800 per month.

FOREVER YOUNG is an American brand, so you need to go through the private importing process for purchase.

No need to hesitate after reading the word ‘import’, as long as you deal with a trustworthy company.
Check out the website that I’ve been using to purchase FOREVER YOUNG.

Isn’t this a quite impressive catch-phrase on their website?
The manager of this store always does his best to help me and gives plenty of useful information.

【 3 principles for rejuvenation to free yourself from saggy skin】

■ Practice my exercise program to fight saggy skin.

■ Maximize the self-recovering ability of your skin by using additive-free cosmetics.

■ Ingest quality collagen to internally improve the skin elasticity.

I’m especially passionate about cutting chemicals off and continuing with FOREVER YOUNG (and I just love this name!).

I sincerely believe that my face and skin have been truly rejuvenated by these two factors.

Additive-free, High-quality Collagen Supplement



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